Pool Services Network is equipped to handle any pool equipment repairs that you may need. Pool equipment works hard in the Fairfax area, fighting summer storms and winter's worst. Your pump, filter, heater and cleaner will need repair from time to rime, and eventually will also need replacement.

Our pool technicians won't bully you into replacing slightly worn pool equipment, but will always provide you with fair estimates for a solid repair.

However, when replacement seems appropriate, we will also provide an option for replacement - but it's always your choice. We are happy to fix or replace your equipment, or even nurse it along if need be.

Here are some of the pool equipment repairs we provide in Arlington and Fairfax county:

Replumbing / Revalving                                            Automatic pool cleaner repair

Pump / motor repairs / replacement                        Spa / hot tub repair

Filter  repair / replacements                                     Solar Heaters

Equipment automation / timers                                Energy efficient pool equipment 

Heater repair / replacement                                     Chemical feeders 

Tile repair                                                                   Real Estate pool inspections