Sometimes pools get out of hand or have been neglected for a few years. If that is the case, it may not be cost effective to clean them without draining the water out.  Maybe your water is clear but have scale and stains over the surface of the pool floor and walls? The solution is the multi-step Drain and Clean sometime referred to as an acid wash.  This process will remove most stains and scale buildup bring back a fresh new look to the pool surface finish and replace bad water.***

Starting at $500

Our Drain & Clean Services include:

1. Our crew will show up the day before to set up an automatic cutoff sump pump pumping the water to a safe place***

2. The next day we will start the work when the pool is drained

3. Remove debris / sludge out of the pool bottom

4. Power wash the pool surfaces 

5. Coat the pool with a muriatic acid and water mixture to break down stains and scale and rinse down

6. Neutralize the acid solution to a neutral PH level of 7.6 using soda ash per EPA regulations 

7. Pump out neutralized acid solution

8. Coat the pool surface with a chlorine solution to bleach out any remaining stains

9. Start the pool filling  with your garden hose***

10. Restart the pool when full***


***  Notes

Water rates vary per water authority and many offer pool fill discounts if filled before a set date 

You can not fill a pool on a well, it may burn out your well pump and put stress on your water conditioner. You can have water trucked in.

Some areas have banned pool draining without a special use permit.

If the pool surface is old and pitted some staining/ scale buildup may be permanent

Water pressure differs per neighborhood, it is up to the customer to stop the water when pool is full and contact us for a start up.

This is the best time to address missing, loose or cracked tile, or thin spots on the pool plaster finish.