We offer weekly or biweekly cleaning services to make pool ownership a snap. Let us service your pool leaving you time to enjoy your pool without the hassles.

Each visit we will perform the following 12 steps to ensure your pool is in top shape and ready for use:

1. Clean the pool area of debris                                                

2. Clean the water line tile                                                        

3. Test and adjust the water chemistry                                                                     

4. Skim the pool surface of debris                                           

5. Vacuum the floor of the pool                                               

6. Brush the walls                                                                     

7. Empty skimmer baskets and automatic pool cleaners 

8. Empty pump baskets and check timers / controllers

9. Check filters for proper running pressure

10. Backwash / clean filters if needed

11. Inspect overall operation of pool / equipment

12. Leave documentation of the visit on the front or back door