Pool Services Network offers one low price no matter what type of cover you have on your pool - $250 flat fee for pool openings in Arlington and Fairfax county.

Our trained crews will professionally open the pool and get you ready to jump in within a few days*

Our pool openings include:

1. Removal, cleaning and tight folding of your pool cover for storage                               6. Test and adjust water chemistry (up to 20lbs shock) **

2. Removing debris off the pool deck                                                                                  7. Brush down walls of the pool

3. Retracting cover anchoring systems / cleaning water bags                                          8. Start the pool filter system

4. Removing winter pool plugs / installing skimmer baskets                                             9. Set timers/ controllers 

5. Reassemble the pool filter system / re-installing winter drain out plugs                      10. If the pool is clear we will vacuum***


*We ask the you make sure the pool is full to operating level ( half way up tile/ skimmer opening) and all water is pumped off the cover and clear of debris. THERE IS A $50 FEE FOR RETURNING FOR FILL UP TRIP OR PUMP DOWN AND DEBRIS REMOVAL FEE.

**If your pool requires more than 20 pounds of shock, each additional pound is $5 each. Sometimes it is is not cost effective to add chemicals on neglected pools that has dark green, brown, or black water. At that point we may recommend a drain and clean for the pool.   

***If we did not close your pool, there may not have been enough chemicals put in during winterization. This can result in cloudy or green water. If this is the case, the pool may need time to settle/filter before we can vacuum. THERE IS A $40 SECOND TRIP VACUUM FEE. (If we closed your pool or you are signed up for a weekly service contract, this fee does not apply).